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Sol Invictvs

2021 is about to fly away and I realized that I didn't accomplish my project with this blog. And that's ok. One year ago, I started with the idea to publish, at least, a monthly blog story.

But this wasn't a regular year. The pandemic brought an insanely high load of weddings, and I kept focused mostly on this area, putting the blog aside

Time passed by, and when I realized, it was December already. I didn't want to end the year with the last blog post in July. Fortunately, Oscar had been pushing me to do a shooting before New Year. And after days and days, we managed to put our schedules together.

We decided to use the first light of the day. So we woke up early, as we had to walk for an hour by the beach to reach the spot. Our way was illuminated by the moonlight, and after some minutes walking, by the first light before the day. Then, we got mesmerized by the sunrise and started the shooting.

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Model: Oscar (@miau.axll)

Sequin Jacket, Mesh bodysuit, and ruffled shirt: Coco Garza (cocogarzamx)

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