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A photographer's reflections during quarantine

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Its been over a month since quarantine started in the Riviera Maya. Everything nonessential is closed around here, and I haven't shot any wedding or portrait since mid-march. This gave me the chance to think about my photography. What can I improve? What can I learn? What do I want to create? How have I grown through the years?

To be honest, I've spent most of my time watching movies, reading, and playing video games. But the truth is I haven't had a break since 2 years ago! And now its time to focus on work.

Looking to the past

During this quarantine, I've seen through my old photos, and I'm happy to see how I improved my skills; especially working with natural light and pose direction. I found some great photos from when I was living in Guadalajara, my home town.

I see how much I was passionate about working as a professional photographer. Although back then I haven't found my style yet, I remember how excited I was about those first photoshoots. One day I will write another entry dedicated to my work on alternative fashion, but I wanted to show a pic from a session in a seventeenth-century graveyard in Guadalajara (One of my favorite shoots ever).

Back then, I worked mostly creating portfolios for models and designers mainly. When the model came to me asking for a Photo Session with a Gothic Lolita theme I was "Absolutely!". So we went to this old graveyard that matched perfectly with the attire.

Developing my Style

Months passed by and got the chance to work as a photographer in the Riviera Maya. In the beginning, the idea of living in the heat of the Caribbean wasn't too attractive for me. But more than 5 years after, I'm still here enjoying the tropical climate, and, yes, I'm still wearing head-to-toe black outfits.

Honestly, the first week I felt like going back to Guadalajara. I didn't quite like those first photographs. I had experience in studio and working with people who knew what they wanted and how to pose. Wedding and couples photo sessions in the Caribbean was a whole new world.

First, people usually don't come with the idea of what they want, but they sure do know what they do not want. For example: I don't really like this pose, I don't like this side of y face, etc.

Second, lighting. Working on the beach is not the same as in a forest or within the city. Much unlike a studio. That's why if you're having a destination wedding on the beach you should consider hiring a professional photographer that has worked before in a similar environment.

And lastly, during a wedding, you're always against the clock. Many things are completely out of your control: weather, the makeup art took longer than planned, even drama can take time out of the schedule. Fortunately, I had really good advice from my colleagues and these issues weren't a problem for much longer. So through the years, wedding after wedding, photo session by photo session, I started to construct my own way to tell a story.

What's next

Now, during this time enclosed, I have a lot of ideas that I want to do in future sessions and weddings. Different angles, different optics, maybe a twist from what I usually do. Also, I would like to shoot more portraits and go back to do some editorial photographs.

If you are considering visiting Cancun or Playa del Carmen area, consider contacting me to have your photo session to capture the joy of being outside.


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